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The first name in efficient heaters for more than 4 decades, Hydro-Sil provides homeowners across America with a proven, alternative solution for individual room temperature control. Headquartered in Charlotte NC, with a nationwide consumer base, Hydro-Sil Comfort Heating & Cooling traces its origins to 1978. Hydro-Sil has enjoyed consistent growth in the heating and cooling industry, selling millions of units, and developing some of the most innovative and energy efficient products for the homeowner. From its revolutionary proportional-wattage technology to its lifetime warranty, Hydro-Sil offers real, lasting value to families looking to save on heating and cooling bills. As a result of its steadfast commitment to customer service, Hydro-Sil maintains an A+ BBB Rating along with an impeccable record of client satisfaction.
Harnessing the latest in energy-efficient technology, Hydro-Sil helps homeowners manage the temperature in each room of the house, with even heat distribution from floor to ceiling. Filled with a freeze, boil, leak, and spill proof silicone fluid, each of Hydro-Sils units employ an innovative solution for individual room heating, allowing it to retain temperature even after the power cycles down. Whether permanent or portable heaters, Hydro-Sil can drastically reduce utility bills without sacrificing comfort.

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